Safety valve test

Safety valve inspection introduction

         The safety valve is an automatic valve that can use only the force of the medium itself to remove the fluid of the rated water without any external force, so as to prevent the pressure in the system from exceeding a predetermined safety value. A valve that closes itself and prevents the medium from continuing to flow when the pressure returns to normal. Safety valves are used in boilers, pressure vessels and other pressure equipment to prevent pressure in the equipment from exceeding the design allowable value. This protects the safety of equipment and operating personnel, so it is often used as the last protective device for pressurized equipment, so the verification of safety valves is very important. According to the national special equipment safety supervision department and the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the safety valve must be regularly verified, and the period is one year.
        Our company obtained safety valve inspection qualification in 2016, and has a complete calibration equipment, calibration system and professional team to inspect and repair various types of safety valves.



Safety valve inspection process